How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast 2023

Every Blogger's Wish Is To Get Google Adsense Approved on The First Attempt. If you are Tired of Repeatedly Applying Your Website in Google Adsense but Your Site is Getting Rejected Again and Again.

So You Don't Need to be Disappointed at all because In this post We will tell you How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast. And We Will Tell You The Best Trick To Get Fast Adsense Approval On Your Website very easily.

If There is Any Best Way To Earn Online. then, It Is To Do Google Adsense Earning. For this, We have To Create Google Adsense Account First. After that Link The Website in it. If your site becomes Ready For Adsense Approval. then, Google Approves Your Site. After that, You Start Earning by Turning on Auto Ads or Custom Ads on your website.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast 2023

If you are not Getting Google Adsense Approval then Follow The Tricks Given Below. After Following These Best Tips & Tricks You Will Get Google Adsense Approval 100%.

Why Do People Want To Get Google Adsense Approval?

We Can Monetize Our Website With An Ad Network from Different Companies. But The First Choice of all Bloggers Is to Take Google Adsense Approval because Google Adsense Has A High CPC (click per cost) & High CTR which is more than other Ad Networks. Publishers Earn High From Google Adsense That's Why Every Blogger Wants To Get Google Adsense Approval, But many of them Fail To Get Google Adsense Approval.

If You Have Started Blogging and You want to Make A Successful Career in Blogging. Then, You Have To Be Patience.

Getting Google Adsense Account Approval Is Not As Difficult As You feel. We will tell you How To Get Google Adsense Account Approval.

Reasons For Not Getting Google Adsense Approval?

Google Is A Very Big Company That Does Not Discriminate Against any Publisher. If your website is not ready Google Will Not Give Adsense Approval on your website. There can be many reasons for this, such as A lack of Quality Content on your website, A Policy Vailoate Issue, or You have added a download link to your website.

There are many different reasons for which we will talk about what you have to do so that you get Google Adsense Account Approval In The First Attempt.

Google AdSense Account Approved Tips and Tricks 2023

If you follow The Google Adsense Approval Tips and Tricks given below, Then You will Get Definitely Google Adsense Approval in Just one day.

1. Publish High-Quality Content

The Most Important Point For Getting Adsense Approval is the high-quality Content, which you will have to write. Quality Content means that you do not have to copy-paste any article from anywhere.  You have to publish your own original unique content by creating your own thoughts from your mind and after that, you have to check for Plagiarism.

If  Plagiarism Is 30% then you can Publish that Article. If your Article is 80-100%  Plagiarism Then you cannot Publish that Article.

Plagiarism Article means that your content is copied. If your Plagiarism is 0% then it is very good. It means that you have not copy-pasted the article from anywhere. Your Article is 100% Plagiarism Free.

2. Make Sure To Create 5 Pages On Your Blog

It is very important to make pages for Getting Google Adsense Account Approval. Without this, you don't Get Adsense Approval.

You will have To Create 5 Pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer. You will have to make these pages.

  • About Us:  I Have Seen New Bloggers Write two to three lines on the About us page, which is not sufficient. If you want to take Google Adsense Approval, then you have to write everything on the About us page that what is your name. What do you do? Where did you start blogging, when, and what will you tell on your website. You have to write it all down.
  • Contact Us: Inside the Contact us page, you will have to tell your Active Gmail Address, your Name Address, and everything.
  • Privacy & Term: You have to write all the Important Information on the Privacy and Term Page. I have seen that Most People's Websites are Rejected Due To Privacy Policy Errors. Their Privacy Page is Absolutely Wrong.
  • Disclaimer: Do Not Forget To Create a Disclaimer page. this page is also necessary To Get AdSense Approval 

How Should You Create the Policy Page? That's what I would say. If you want, You can copy and paste The Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, And Terms & Conditions Page of my website

3. Use User-Friendly Theme (Adsense Friendly Theme)

Before applying in Adsense, do check the theme of your website.  Whether it is user-friendly, Adsense Friendly theme, or not.

If you have a website on the Blogger Platform, then you can download and use any of the online free themes.

So some of them get Adsense Code Automatic Change inside the Theme.  Because of this Google cannot detect that code.  Because of this, you face problems in getting Adsense Approval!

And there are some themes, using which many errors are seen in Google Webmaster Tool.

If you use a blogger website then use Sora Templates.  With that, you will get Google Adsense approval soon.

4. Don't Put Download Links

Friends, it has been mentioned in Google's policy that if Download Links are installed on any site, then Adsense Approval is rejected on it.

If Download Links are installed on your website, then remove them and never apply your website for Google Adsense with download links.

5. Check if Your Website Domain Is Parked?

What is Parked Domain to many of you?  This would not be known.  Parked Domain means that if you search the domain of your website without www, then instead of opening your website, the website from which you have purchased the domain opens.

If this is happening to you, then it means that your website's domain is parked!

This mostly happens when you buy a domain from, then only you can check whether your website's domain is Pak or not.  Definitely check this.

6. Use Copyright-Free Images/Photos

Friends, if you are using any Image Download Directly from Google, then stop doing this because it is written in Google's policy that you cannot use the image from someone's website.

You have to use only Copyright Free Images on your website or you can create and use them from any App.

So you are the sites of Copyright Free Images.  You can download and use Free Images from there.

Out of those websites, the Top 3 Websites are Pixabay, pixels, and Unsplash, download free images from these sites and use them on your website.

7. Use SSL Certificate On Your Site

Friends, if you use SSL Certificate on your website, then your website address gets covered from Http to Https.

This means that your site is secure and no one can hack your side quickly, you should always use an SSL certificate on your website.

8. Don't Put Illegal Content

Don"t Use Any kind of Illegal Content on your websites such as Intellectual Property Abuse, Sexual Content, Dangerous or Derogatory Content, Adult themes, Animal Cruelty, and gambling.

9. Publish 30 to 25 Posts

Before Applying to Google Adsense, Publish 30 to 35 Post-Publish on your site and it will be easy for you to get Adsense Approval by writing that Post with a Minimum Word Limit of 1000 to 1500 words.

10. Avoid Spam Traffic On Your Website

If you are taking Social Traffic on your website and traffic is not coming from Google.

So you do not have to share your website link on any Social Media platform. You have to take only and only Organic Traffic on your website.

11. Site Speed

So you should also maintain the Speed ​​Maintenance of your website which should be at least 60%.  If your website takes a long time to open, then Google Adsense Approval is not available on such sites.

12. Customization of Your Site Well

Friends, if you want to get Adsense Approval on your website, then you should do customization of your website very well.

Like you should prepare Proper Categories, Labels, and Menu Bars on your website.  Any type of Category, Label, or Menu should not be empty in it.  Should not be blank.  No 404 Error should come anywhere.  Pay attention to all these things.

13. Add Social Media Links

Make your website as attractive as possible and definitely put Social Icon Links on your website. With this, your website will also look good and Trust-Built is also done on Adsense.

14. Index Your All Posts

Before Applying to Site Adsense, you must index all the posts of your website in Google Search Console and after indexing, check whether your post is indexed or not.

If your website has become a 30 to 35 Post Index then only apply the website for Google Adsense.

15. Use Copyright-Free Logo

Many times we do everything well on our website. Even after that, our website gets rejected again and again.

One of the reasons for this can also be that you have used people's website logo and their brand logos.  If you use Copyright Logo then your website will be Rejected only.

That's why you should always use your own brand logo on your website or use it by downloading it from any free website or app, which should be a copyright-free logo. is the best website to create Copyright Free Logo. 

16. Check Your Website Not Ban By Google 

If Your Site is Ban By Google Then Google Doesn't Approve Your Site so Before Applying In Adsense Check Your site Is not Ban. How To Check? Search In Google "" If Your Site Url is Found In Google It Means Your site is Not Ban. 

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