What Is Broken Links And How To Remove It 2023

Backlink is a link that is exchanged from one website to another. Where does this inbound link appear? 

Using backlinks is very important for every website, it helps to increase domain authority and build trust in search engines. 

It also helps to boost ranking or traffic if you have high-quality backlinks to your website.

Whenever you are making backlinks for a website, keep in mind that the spam score of the site from which you are making backlinks should not be more than 5% and the domain authority should be more than 20%. 

And in the comment box of your website, many people make links, some of which are broken links. 

If they are on your website then it leads to affect the ranking of your website. We tell you the disadvantages of Broken Links and also told how to find Broken Links and remove them from the website.

You should periodically find and remove broken links on your website. Using Backlink Checker, you can easily find and remove broken links on your website. 

If the website has 404 links, then you can optimize your website by redirecting them to the home page of your website. 

It improves the experience of your users and improves the ranking of the website.

What Is Broken Links And How To Remove It 2023

What are broken links?

Broken links are those links, if the user clicks on them, then no page opens or the error of 404 comes.

Disadvantages of Broken Links?

Broken Links has some disadvantages, such as:

  • Affects User Experience: If Broken Links on your website, It may be difficult in navigating your website through users, then visitors skip your website in seconds affecting website ranking. Whenever you create internal links, create high-quality backlinks. Which is very easy to make. If you don't know to make backlinks then you can learn.

  • Website ranking is affected by: A broken link indicates to the search engine that your website does not have quality content per Google and the website is not optimized well, due to which the ranking of your website starts deteriorating.

  • Affects brand reputation: If there are broken links on your website, then it spoils the authority and brand reputation of your website.

How to Find broken links On Blog?

If there are broken links on your website, then you should remove them immediately because the ranking of your website is bad due to the broken link.

  • Google Webmaster Tools: You can check your website in Google Webmaster Tools and Find Broken  Links.

  • Broken Link Checker Plugin: Install the Broken Link Checker plugin in your WordPress blog and with this, you can check Broken Links on your blog.

  • Manual Check: Manually check each page of your blog and find broken Links.

How to remove broken links website?

We are going to give you some tips below to remove Broken Links from the website, definitely read them
  1. Fix it: Always check broken links on your website and Fix to them on time. 
  2. Redirection: If any blank link finds on your website then that link Redirects to your home page and sends your users to the correct page.
  3. Delete: If unwanted broken links are created on your website and delete that links. Custom 404 Page: You can create a custom link for the 404 error link or redirect it to the home page of your website.


Broken Links affect website performance and user experience. If there is any broken link on your website, then remove it for improved ranking of your website and this makes the user experience will be better. Removing broken links will improve the performance of your website and also improve the user experience.

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