What is Google Search Console/ Google Webmaster Tool 2023

If you are a blogger. So you must have heard the name of Google Webmaster Tool (Google Search Console Tools Google webmaster tool). This is a Google product. This tool is very helpful for every blogger. It helps in bringing good traffic to your website and gives many more benefits.

We use Google Analytics to see how much traffic and from where the traffic is coming on the website, but we can only see the traffic there. But if we want to see which keywords are driving traffic to our website, then we use Google Webmaster (Google Search Console Tools) to check this. And together we can also check which pages have been indexed and which have not.

What is Google Search Console/ Google Webmaster Tool 2023

What are Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools is a product of Google itself which is the best tool for bloggers and website owners. It is also called Google Search Console. It is a free platform that helps you drive traffic to your website and check where is a problem with your website.

Google Webmaster Tool gives a complete report of your website, like what keywords people are searching on your website, you can index your website/page through Google Search Console, and what are the errors of the website, can check it. You can take advantage of all these features in Google Webmaster Tools by adding your website to Google Webmaster Tools.

How to add a website or blog to Google Search Console?

  • To add a website or blog to Google Search Console. First of all, you have to search for the google webmaster tool in google. After that, you have to click on the first link. After clicking, the Google Search Console page will open in front of you.

  • Then you have to log in to Google Search Console for which you will need Gmail Id. Here you log in by entering the email id which you have linked to your website.

  • After that, you have to create a property to add to your website/blog. For this, you have to click on add property. Then here you have to enter the URL of your website or blog.

  • After entering the URL, you will get an HTML Code from which you will have to add to the theme of your website, after that your website will be verified.

  • There are many methods for website verification but we will tell you the easiest method.

  • There are some processes to get the website verified like HTML file upload, HTML Tag, Google Analytics account, and google tag manager, out of which you can get your website verified by using any method.

  • Apart from these four methods, you can adopt another method which is also recommended by Google Search Console. In this, you can verify it through your domain provider, and that too in a few easy steps.

  • Apart from the website, if you want to edit the blog, then you do not have to do anything. You have to log in with the Google account with which you have created the blog and then enter the URL of that blog in the webmaster. Your account will be added immediately. There is no need for verification for this.

What is the advantage of using Google Search Console?

  • Google Search Console is beneficial for every website owner/blogger. Because every blogger wants that he can track his website traffic and rank well. And be able to fund those who are reporting on the website.

  • You can check the indexing of your website through Google webmaster. And can index websites/pages.

  • Through Google webmaster, you can also know what keywords people are coming to your website by searching. After which you can correct the ranking of your post by making changes in your post.

  • Through Google Search Console, you get your post crawled. If the crawling of your post is not done, then your posts are not shown to the users, so we also use Google Webmaster Tool to get the website crawled.

  • You can also set the preferred domain through Google Search Console.

  • You can submit a sitemap to the Google search console.

Google Webmaster Dashboard

After the website is verified on Google Webmaster, you get the Google Webmaster Dashboard. You get many options in this dashboard. Like with which keywords you are being searched. How many people are coming on that keyword? Is any URL of the website giving problems or not opening? You get its information in its dashboard only.

Apart from this, through the dashboard, you can submit the sitemap of your website and do indexing, through which your website's post helps to be crawled. every post on your website should be crawled on Google only then your website will get good traffic.

Google webmaster is a very helpful tool. Especially for those who have a website or blog. This is a very good tool for those people to monitor the performance of their website. Along with this, this tool is also very good to see how the URL of your website is sleeping. So if you have your own website or blog, then you must add your website to google webmaster.

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